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How to start and Build a Child Sponsorship for Uganda

Did you know that in a Sponsorship Network you can Sponsor two million vulnerable Children and give them lifetime happiness?


Did you know that there are more than 25 million people in the world who want to contribute to children’s well being, but they do not know where and how to put their resources?

Facts about Children in Uganda;

  • 60% of Ugandans are children below 18 years
  • 11% of these children are orphans
  • 8% of these children are critically vulnerable
  • 2.4 million of Ugandan children below 18 years are living in exploitative labour
  • 167,000 Uganda children under five years die every year
  • 40% of Uganda’s child death is related to under-nutrition
  • 49.6% of Ugandan children experience stunted growth
  • 75% of Ugandan Children who start primary education cycle do not compete it


Did you know that you can start a child sponsorship network, coordinate all these good people and become a president of child sponsorship project?

By all standards of measurement, network resource mobilization is the best way where people help their friends to put their resources to use. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Sponsorship Network more than any other strategies can help more people to put lives in balance.

Children happy moments

This is possible because, in a Sponsorship network, support from a sponsor is channeled to the beneficiary through a “network” of independent sponsors. Now, this is a highly effective system that helps good people to share the opportunity with similar good people.

Many Children’s charity organizations today spend a lot of donated money on paying for utilities, equipment and salaries of their organizations staff across levels right away from donor countries to the recipient communities. As a result little of what individual contributors give actually reaches to the final beneficiary.


Sponsorship Network prevents all this by volunteer sponsors channeling their contributions through other volunteers. As a result of this, every donation raised by the sponsor goes directly to the beneficiary without intermediate management costs.

Additionally, because Sponsorship network relies heavily on developing and maintaining trusted relationships, the sponsorship quality and service are often of much higher standard than their organizational brand counterparts.

Uganda kids

Sponsorship Network provides individual sponsors with a stable foundation on which to build a personal sponsorship organization. The project operates on the premise of sharing the opportunity, and encouraging others to do the same. For everyone who is determined to saving lives in the poor communities, examples abound that success is always possible. With Sponsorship Network benefits come in two ways: (1) sponsoring a child and saving life, and (2) sharing the opportunity with others and becoming a sponsorship leader.


The aim is to offer you the opportunity to maximize your success in sponsoring children in a network with other good people so that in the end you could see a huge number of successful children sponsored successfully through your network.

Now since this is a network strategy you should understand that the key to your success in your charity work is learning how to take your actions as a leader and attract quality people to your network.


Saving lives is number one in everything we do. We believe that the first step toward accomplishing any great goal in your life is to focus on the dreams and goals of others and the greatest satisfaction from seeing others reach for their dreams and achieve them.


Sponsor a child in Uganda, Mobilize other s (at least three other sponsors)

You are already sponsoring a child; your already experiencing how simple, fun  and satisfying it is to help a child live the best quality of life.

Now all you do is to help other people to experience the benefit of child sponsorship in the world.

Lve for Babies

Level1: Become a Sponsor by sponsoring at least one child.

Level 2: Become a Coordinator. Help 3 people to at least sponsor one child each. You become a coordinator of sponsors; now you are a leader and a sponsor at the same time. Through your network you have 3 sponsors and you are helping at least 4 African children to experience quality education.

Level 3: Become a Senior Coordinator. Help the three people in your network to also recruit 3 sponsors each and they become Coordinators. Now you have three coordinators and 9 sponsors, including you, you are a network of 13 volunteers sponsoring at least 13 children.

Level 4: Become a Manager. When your three personally recruited volunteers become Senior Coordinators by helping volunteers below them to recruit more volunteers, you will become a manager in the program. In your network you have three senior coordinators, nine coordinators and 27 sponsors. You are helping at least 40 African children to experience quality life.

Level 5:  Become a Senior Manager. When your three personally recruited volunteers become Managers; you now have a network of 3 senior managers, 9 managers, 27 coordinators, and 81 sponsors. You are helping at least 121 African children to experience quality life.

Level 6: Become a Director; when your three personally recruited volunteers become Senior Managers; You now have a network of 3 Senior Managers, 9 Managers, 27 Senior Coordinators, 81 coordinators, and 243 sponsors.  You are helping at least 364 children to experience quality life in Africa.

The highest level you can become in Child sponsorship Network is the President’s Level (Level 14) as indicated in the table below. As a president of your Child Sponsorship Program you have personally recruited 3 volunteers (sponsors), you have offered them required leadership and they are now at Level 13 (Chief of Party).

Bellow them in your network you have 9 Diamond directors, 27 Silver Directors, 81 Gold Directors, 243 Ruby Directors, 729 Sapphire Directors, 2187 Senior Directors, 6561 Directors, 19683 Senior Managers, 59049 Managers, 177147 Senior Coordinators, 531441 Coordinators and 1594323 Sponsors (who are sponsoring a child for the first time). And in your Child sponsorship network you are sponsoring a total of 2,125,764 children in Uganda.

When you make three Presidents in your network, you form a global presidents team referred to as the Global Child Sponsorship Presidents Team (GCSPT). You are personally a president of the presidents.



S= Sponsor, C= Coordinator, SC= Senior Coordinator, M= Manager, SM= Senior Manager, D= Director, SnD= Senior Director, SD= Sapphire Director, RD= Ruby Director, GD= Gold Director, SvD= Silver Director, DD= Diamond Director, CP= Chief of Party, P= President.


The Sponsorship:

The sponsorship for a child for one year covers his/her school fees, school uniform, a pair of shoes, books, pens, pencils, Nutritional support and Medical contribution. At current rates this adds up to USD175.

The sponsor is free to choose the gender of the child he/she wants to sponsor. Once the sponsor is on the list, the details of the child will be sent to him/her including information about gender, age, status of vulnerability, guardianship, class in school, and the child’s photo among others.


Each sponsor will be given three reports about the child in a year. In Ugandan education we have three academic terms. The third term is the promotional term to another class. At the end of each term a report will be sent to the sponsor indicating the child’s school performance, health status, and other child development related issues.

Background of the project:

Sabiiti Fenekansi the founder of Uganda Vision Resource Centre was born and raised a family with a humble background. Faced with difficult struggles through his education times by working alongside his father to look for his own school fees; When  he completed his studies having been supported by a few people outside his family he clearly saw the need to support other children from poor families. He started sponsoring children from the communities where he worked.

Sabiiti with Prudence

When Sabiiti started sponsoring a few children, he realized that the need was huge. He realized that working alone you make very little difference. You need the support of others to cause a big impact. When he started gathering support from friends and relatives he was able to support a reasonable number of needy children. In his projects he gave much time to teaching people about the need, importance and value of supporting children from needy communities. There is no other satisfaction than the happiness that comes from seeing a child grow in happiness with your helping hand.

Sabiiti doesn’t only sponsor children, he goes ahead to give them counselling support in their schools and homes through visits and meetings, he teaches their families to engage in livelihood projects such as agriculture and business.

You too can make a huge difference in the lives of a million Ugandan children irrespective of where you come from, your earning power and your education.

To be guided on how to sponsor a child or start a Child Sponsorship Project email to us at or  

Source: Sponsor a Child in Africa with Uganda Vision Resource Centre