Travel in Africa- FRIENDS OF CHILDREN Needed at Uganda Vision Resource Centre

Become a friend of learning; help make Ugandan children more creative for life.

20160116_174320Every child has creative ability just waiting to be tapped. Majority Uganda children have untapped potential within themselves. Such children end up in unguided carriers which become unproductive for them in life. However, with the right educational play materials such as toys can bring it out.

Infants, toddlers, preschoolers, early school age and older school age children all delight in opportunities for creative expression through colors, shapes and sounds.

At Uganda Vision Resource Centre, we support school children with each educational toy, every creative plaything, each piece of furniture and every toy musical instrument based on its potential for developing vital creative resources in the child.

Aims: To make our learners happy at school; if learners are happy in their environment, their minds will be at peace and hence open to learning and receptive to new ideas.

To provide an all-round education; the whole child is considered to be important i.e. the physical, mental, emotional and moral aspect is emphasized.  All this provides a strong foundation that will later help our children become eager students, self-confident and able to interact favorably with each other and with adults, both at school and in other communities.

Development of skills, qualities of character, knowledge and physical well being; To provide learning opportunities where the child can be creative and use one’s initiative. To foster an inquiring attitude among children; to develop capacities for thought and judgment;

We try to make all work done in a school be done in an atmosphere of play and fun.  Learning becomes an enjoyable event and hence our children are introduced to the world of learning in the most enjoyable ways.

Educational toys to consider at this level include puppets, dollhouses, costumes and other pretend items, toy pianos and musical instruments; more comprehensive building block and construction sets offering more complex structure opportunities, and as always, lots of writing and art supplies, so that expressing feelings creatively is as simple as picking up a pencil.

Gross-Motor Play: Large blocks, Transportation toys, Climbing equipment, Tricycles, wagons, Big Wheels, and so forth

Woodworking equipment and materials (child-size hammers, workbench, vise, screwdrivers, scrap lumber, etc.)

Fine-Motor Play: Clay, Puzzles, Art supplies (finger and water paints, brushes, markers, crayons, scissors, etc.), Beads for stringing, Construction materials (small blocks, Legos, Lincoln Logs, etc.)

Language and Literacy: Books, writing materials (notepads, individual chalkboard, pens, pencils, old typewriters, sand trays, etc.), thematic props (teddy bears for “Goldilocks,” puppets, etc.)

Cognitive Play: Materials for water play (buckets, squirt guns, sieves, etc.), Simple board games, Simple card games. Materials for science experiments (balance scales, eye droppers, animal cages, aquariums, terrariums, etc.)

Socio dramatic Play: Dolls and stuffed animals, Props for dramatic play (hats, neckties, child stethoscope, eyeglasses with lenses, etc.), Miniature life figures. Housekeeping equipment and props (child-size broom, dishware, table and chairs, etc.)

Physical Play Materials: Footballs, netballs, volleyballs and nets, Jumping ropes and play shoes.


If you are interested in becoming our friend of learning and you can mobilize some materials for children or you want to become our registered fundraiser contact us by writing to us on email or We shall discuss on how we can work together.

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