Environmental Conservation

Kitara Foundation for Regional Tourism is implementing an Environmental Conservation Project in Fort Portal in Tooro and Buliisa in Bunyoro both located in the Great Kitara Region of Western Uganda.

As an environmental conservation project at Kitara Foundation, we create opportunities for communities and local people to support Natural and rainforest conservation, climate change actions, environmental education, sustainable livelihoods, Nature conservation, organic farming and tree planting projects within communities in Kitara region of Uganda.

Conservation work is varied and dependent on the type of Environmental project implemented in a given community. From reforestation programs to climate action projects, we involve collecting data on endangered species, planting trees, learning about sustainable livelihoods, growing organic food, developing green city spaces, protecting threatened rainforests and much more.

On Kitara Foundation’s Conservation volunteering projects, we work closely with local organizations and community members to support both proactive and reactive methods of protecting our natural environment.

Why do conservation in Uganda?

The natural world is under severe threat due to climate change, land degradation, pollution, political inaction and other destructive enterprises. Human activity has altered almost 75% of the Earth’s surface and carbon dioxide levels have risen to an all-time high. Uganda’s natural environment is at high risk; that’s why Kitara Foundation integrates ‘’Healing the Environment for a Healing Environment’’.  Our Environmental volunteer programs have been carefully selected to give you the chance to be part of the solution. Kitara Foundation’s conservation volunteers help important Environmental projects go beyond sustainability by regenerating lands, ecosystems and wildlife around the region, with the aim of leaving every place better than we find it.

We know our planet is facing environmental challenges such as deforestation and climate change. People are stepping up and taking action. Environmental activists and nature lovers are coming together to contribute to protecting nature. To protect the wildlife species, volunteers are also paying attention to wildlife conservation. If you’ve been wondering how to play your part, a tree-planting volunteer program could be right for you to begin and is a great way to give back to nature.

When you participate in tree planting activities or planting events, you’ll be playing an essential role in restoring the natural order and creating a healthier place and a healing environment for us all to live.

As we know it, the earth would not be the same without trees and forests. Forests are of significant importance to human and animal life. Apart from being a major source of oxygen, the value extends to providing us with materials. These include medicine, food, and other raw materials.

Yet, over the years, human activities have caused a decline in the number of trees worldwide. It is estimated that the world has lost one-third of its forests with agricultural activities one of the significant contributors to this decline.

Furthermore, a study estimates that people cut down around 15 billion trees yearly. Through tree planting volunteer projects, you can play a role in restoring and maintaining the natural environment. 

Tree planting has many benefits. These plants release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon. Apart from beautification, planting trees also contribute to living in a healthy place.

Community Development and Education

Kitara Foundation in its tree planting also includes community development and education programs in this mission.

Apart from planting trees and restoring forests, there are also volunteer opportunities to create awareness within local communities. This involves providing information to local communities about environmental conservation best practices.

Such efforts empower the community members. They are also able to understand the importance of forests and make positive contributions to their areas. For instance, during the planting season, the farmers become armed with information to provide organic foods while maintaining soil fertility. 

Keep it Green and Keep Black

Keep it green and keep black is a campaign aimed at preserving and healing the environment for the good healing of humans in return. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), non-communicable diseases kill about 41 million people annually. This accounts for 71% of all deaths globally. Among these are lifestyle diseases that can largely be prevented through proper nutrition and fitness. Natural landscape, fresh vegetables and fruits are all key drivers of healthy bodies and minds. Trees play a key role in all these drivers. They provide fruits and underpin natural landscapes. Through agroforestry, they also protect the soil that nurtures vegetables and other crops.

Therefore, every time you grow a tree, you are investing not just in planetary health, but also human health. During the Keep It Green and Keep Black campaign, we mobilize and encourage every one of us to invest in your health by planting trees. Let’s grow trees and harvest health! As black Africans our health, our black skin can only remain stronger and protective to our lives when it is kept under natural balanced weather. Once we invest in healing the environment we will have a healing environment for our lives.  We heal the environment by keeping it green, in return the environment heals us by keeping us black.

Plant Your Age Campaign;

Our concept of tree planting is named ‘’Plant your age’’ Campaign; The Plant Your Age campaign seeks to enhance and unify tree growing across the region. There are already numerous tree planting campaigns championed by different players and entities, but they are often time-bound and splintered, which makes it hard to track progress, survival and flourish of planted trees. Plant Your Age doesn’t seek to replace or outshine any of these tree planting ventures. Rather, it seeks to enhance and unify tree growing at individual, corporate and national levels.

Our enhancement is based on the concept of planting and growing trees that correspond to your age each year, whether that age is biological, product or anniversary related, for instance, during the anniversary of a given corporate’s founding, all staff members can plant trees corresponding to the corporate age in question or number of products they handle. When trees are planted, they are in essence ‘born’ and must be nurtured to full maturity. This is a critical component of the ‘Plant your Age’ campaign.

‘Plant your Age’ campaign provides an opportunity for national and county governments, corporates and individuals to inject innovation into tree growing by ensuring long-term flourish of these trees. It grants a platform for governments to expand the forest cover of gazzetted national forests by investing national resources into consistent tree planting exercises within these forests. In the same vein, ‘Plant your Age’ campaign unlocks multiple opportunities for Corporate Social Investment that will expand not just forests and woodlands, but also trees and better relationships. In addition, this campaign extends a hand of partnership to individuals who are part of a bigger movement that lends long-term significance to their individual tree growing efforts.

How old are you? Now imagine every year you have lived represents a chance to restore hope, inspire a new generation, replenish health and make the world a better place for all. When you plant a tree, you give life to the living and make it worthwhile for you, your family and future generations.

“The Plant your Age Initiative advocates for citizens and visitors to endeavor to plant trees equivalent to their ages and ensure that they grow, where applicable grow to your age.” This serves as an awareness creation opportunity for the populace to prepare to plant and grow trees equivalent to their relevant ages during every rainy season.