Kins Purpose

The Kins Foundation of Africa

The Kins Club-Creating space for your thinking to take off.

The Kins clubs create doors. It makes it easy and free to share your thinking on any topic, connect with an audience, express yourself with a range of communication tools. We create chances for good people in our society to replicate themselves.

Kins Club is a forum where members come to tell stories to the faces they may never see under the sun. Kins club is an open platform where millions come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to the surface.

If you have a story to tell, knowledge to share, or a perspective to offer; welcome home. The best ideas can change who we are. Kins club is where those ideas take shape, take off, and spark powerful conversations. Our purpose is to spread these ideas and deepen understanding of the world.

We’re creating a new model for development conversation. One that supports nuance, complexity, and vital storytelling without giving in to the incentives of advertising. It’s an environment that’s open to everyone but promotes substance and authenticity. And it’s where deeper connections forged between experts and undiscovered can lead to discovery and growth. Together with millions of collaborators, we’re building a trusted and vibrant ecosystem fuelled by important ideas and the people who think about them. We will not wait for rotary to come and do for us what we would do for ourselves, we will create our own rotaries. We will not wait for Bill Gates to come and solve our needs, we will create several Bill Gates amongst ourselves.

Our Vision: The Society Vision of the Kins Foundation of Africa is a Harmonious and Self-Sustained Society in Africa; while the Organisational Vision of the Kins Foundation of Africa is to be the Leading African Service and Fellowship Organisation on the continent.

Our Goal: The Goal of Kins Foundation is to ‘‘Serve the Community’s Greatest Need’’.

Our Mission: The Mission of Kins Foundation is to meet the Community’s Greatest Need through Service and Fellowship’’.

Objectives of Kins Foundation include:

  1. To promote friendship, togetherness, peace and co-existence among people of different backgrounds in our cities, communities, nations and across boarders;
  2. Establishment of business avenues in cities for economic developments of members and the communities around them
  3. Welcoming young men and women to the city and providing them with business and entrepreneur opportunities, guidance and support.
  4. Promoting Health and Wealth of members through various activities and adventures
  5. Hold Dinner meetings and socials which provide the framework for addition of another ideal, that is service work.
  6. To make a contribution to the wellbeing of the underprivileged in our communities by addressing their greatest essential needs in life.

Our Motto: The Association’s motto is, ‘‘Uplifting fellows, the best reward’’. The emphasis here is put on quality compassionate service that deserves gifts and rewards from the creator.

One thing is for certain. Kinsmen and Kinettes will respond to the challenges of our society with a zest and enthusiasm. The Kin attitude is one that exemplifies a hands-on approach to service work. Not content to simply write cheques – if there’s work to be done, Kinsmen will do it!

Our Values: The values that bind all Kinsmen and Kinettes include; Self-satisfaction, fun, personal growth and Community Service. These are the ingredients that make up the Kinsmen winning formula. We uphold African society values of; Living according to nature, The spirit of communal living, The virtues of self-reliance and The tradition of festivals.

The Kins Membership: Membership into Kins club is limited to the business people and service professionals who understand, truly believe in and agree to abide by the Kins Foundation values. One becomes a rightful member of the Kins Foundation by obtaining the Kins Foundation Card and Badge. Every Kins club member will have a card signed by the Foundation president and bearing a number of the member’s position in the Foundation. The Foundation President/Founder bears card No.1.