The Congregation of Peace at the Holy Prophetic Healing Center

Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center
Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center

Balancing Christianity and Indigenous African identity- lessons from Prophet Dr. Apollo Najuna of the Peace Congregation at the Holy Prophetic Healing Centre Rwobuyenje Mbarara in Western Uganda

Unlike our fathers who were raised in Africa during the 1960s, when the community never asked you to chose between your Christian or Islamic faith and your collective African identity. Today that is not the case due to more exclusive-minded types of Christianity and Islam that see patronizing indigenous African beliefs and practices as violating the integrity of their Christian or Muslim principles, but I believe that we can maintain our religious integrity and also embrace an African worldview.

How can one do that?

Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center
The church at Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center Mbarara

My church leader, a faithful Christian Prophet, and us who attend to his teachings a good example; everywhere he goes in and outside Uganda; he teaches Biblical gospel and African traditions in totality.

At the Congregation of Peace at the Holy Prophetic Healing Centre, located in Rwobuyenje in Mbarara District of Western Uganda we balance well between modern Christianity and African Indigenous tradition.

At the prayer palace we have three major places in one location; people who come here are called worshipers traditionally known as Abatabaazi. The leaders/priests are known as Abahereza and the chief priest is called the prophet (Nabi in Ruganda, Omurangi in Runyankole).

Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center
Ebigabiro at Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center

1. The temple/church known as Eitambiro: here the congregation meet, sing Christian hymns and praises, take bible studies and listen to the biblical gospel. There is true warship of God. Both the old and new testaments of the bible are used.

2. The Shrine traditionally known as Ebigabiro: The shrine has three entrances called emiryango. Traditionally emiryango means the major clans and according to Banyankole there are three major clans each with several sub-clans. But also in Runyankole omuryango means the entrance of the house. The three entrances are each labelled with the name of a major clan and a list of its sub-clans. So, each person coming the shrine will enter through his clan entrance. Inside here there are no instructions to follow, you pray to God the creator through your ancestral angels and the heavens angels as messengers between you and your God. You confess your faults/repent, seek for harmony with your ancestors and pray to God for your needs. A number of people who enter here during night have witnessed interface with angels and spirits.

Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center
Part of Ebigabiro at Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center where cleansing takes place

3. The counselling house called Nyaruju: In Nyaruju, Abatabaazi come into privacy with the prophet a term known as Okwehereera in Runyankole. People consult the prophet who explains misfortunes and foretells the fortunes. The prophet uses the bible and other traditional tools to provide a varied counselling and guidance to the believers. The prophet can tell if there are any spiritual wars in your life, he can tell whether there are any misunderstandings with your ancestors and how to correct them, he can tell what your future is and what you are expected to do. This is African astrology;

Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center
Nyaruju at Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center where counselling takes place with the Prophet

It is always a great deal learning about strengthening your relationship with the creator while bonding with your traditional spiritual beliefs. The leaders/Abahereza can always visit homes of the believers/Abatabaazi to address the spiritual and cultural needs of their homes.

Believers are taught how to negotiate between their Religious identities (both Christians and Moslems) by, for example, affirming those aspects of African culture that promote spirituality, good life and communal human welfare. In respect and honour of each one’s culture, people also encouraged to dress in their traditional attire and attend their traditional ceremonies.

Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center
Rwobuyenje Holy Prophetic Healing Center Church Alter

In the end, believers here can make room for a plurality of religious points of view without one religious point of view excluding or compromising the other. An old African adage says: “The sky is large enough for birds to fly around without one having to bump into the other.”

This is an example of a None Denominational Church. People from all denominations are welcomed to this prayer palace. No one is asked about their religious affiliations, and people who come here are free to chose to remain worshipers to this church or to continue attending their main religions.

A number of activities take place here including;

1. Prayer and warship

2. Receiving the word of God (bible study)

3. Counselling/guidance and encouragement

4. Forestalling the future and direction

5. Interpreting dreams and visions

6. Correction and admonition

7. Warning of danger and guidance

8. Interpreting signs of the time

9. Teaching the meaning of history

10. Training and raising/grooming leaders

11. Healing the sick and deliverance

There are several testimonies and success stories that have been recorded from this place, stories of restored lives, mended marriages, averted sickness, found purpose for life and re-connection with the ancestral history.

At this place you will always find happy, hopeful and eager people praising God and focused on better future lives.

If you need more information you can visit the leaders at the center located in the outskirts of Mbarara town in Western Uganda in a village called Rwobuyenje near Biharwe along Mbarara-Kampala Highway. Or contact leader of the Peace Congregation at the Holly Prophetic Healing Center – Prophet Dr. Apollo Najuna at +256703242177 or +256782056364