Volunteer in Africa-We host Abroad Volunteers

The Volunteer process

Embarking on a journey to offering yourself to serve free of charge can be quite a daunting experience. However, with the right mindset, tools and preparation, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience with many lessons along the way. That’s why UVRC has developed a comprehensive volunteer program so that volunteers have a safe, enjoyable, productive time that is helpful to the communities and rewarding to the volunteers.

We invite you to join us in changing people’s lives in this country. We are excited to see what people from abroad can do to stand up against social forces and injustices among the Ugandan communities, offer their skills, resources and valuable time to create lasting change in a poor community!

This volunteer program enshrines UVRC’s vision which encourages creativity and empowers all working teams to function synergistically, and enables them to be flexible in their work, create space for learning and reflection and be responsible to the changing realities of the poor and the poverty context in which we work.

This plan puts in place a handy guideline on how volunteers must be sensitively responsible to the vision, principles, values and the work culture of Uganda Vision Resource Centre whose mission is to work with partners, the poor women, men, boys and girls, the local civil society and other development players in the quest to attain Physical and social well being of all people.

Our volunteers’ destinations are the community based institutions, groups and families that most need volunteers. This is where Volunteers from abroad can offer their support and help and at the same time where they can learn various lessons. Therefore, our Volunteers program is symbiotic in nature designed to benefit both the guests and their hosts.

Our Volunteer Destinations

  • Schools (Kindergartens, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools
  • Universities and other Tertiary Institutions
  • Religious institutions (Churches and Mosques)
  • Children’s day care centres
  • Health Institutions such as hospitals and clinics
  • Refugee settlements and Displaced person’s camps
  • Community Based Organizations and groups
  • Media and Broadcasting institutions
  • Business Centres and Markets
  • Agricultural and agro-processing centres
  • Environment and Nature conservations centres
  • Herbal Medicinal Processing centres
  • Cultural and entertainment centres

Our Volunteers programme allows you to discover Western Uganda first-hand, since you will be living with a Ugandan host while serving as the family’s and community’s teacher and learner at the same time.

Volunteering in Western Uganda is a fantastic opportunity for students, high school graduates as well as professionals to reach for a world beyond their horizon. You will experience Uganda first hand and share the experiences life has taught you, while immersing into one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. It is an adventure, a challenge, an investment in your future. Western Uganda Communities are focused on the future and you can be a part of it.

Working as a volunteer in Western Uganda will give you a wonderful new perspective of this incredible part of the country. You will be living with Ugandan hosts, an opportunity to learn while serving. You will make an important contribution, whatever your skills, by improving standards of living, offering skills and giving them the confidence that comes from being able to communicate with an international native.

You will leave a mark and a name in Uganda if you can reach out to the people in schools or in community and provide your practical skills for their future carriers.

Working with especially Women and Youths, you can teach them handcraft, computer, carpentry, cooking, tailoring, fabrication, metal works, mechanics and driving or gardening. These are the skills that Ugandan youths and women need most today.

In Uganda most business entrepreneurs look for great numbers of extra staff, and a lot of them are happy to accept volunteers from abroad. Work placement can range from hotels and catering, agro-processing, to business management. There are also positions available in childcare, conservation work, schools and health facility centres. Accommodation and food are always arranged by the institutions.

With her impressive castles, long-established pubs, great shopping, stunning landscape, extreme fashions and trendsetting music and theatre, Western Uganda is a great destination for young travelers. Nothing beats living and working in Western Uganda for an extended period of time to really get to know the country side from the inside. The region is small in size but nonetheless offers a wide selection of places in which to live and work.

By participating in this program you will gain work experience and enjoy Uganda in an inviting environment that makes your stay during your period useful and unforgettable

For details go to http://www.volunteerinafricasite.wordpress.com

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