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A new City in the Pearl of Africa is born. Fort Portal City (named after one Sir Gerald Portal a famous Colonial ruler) Partner with Uganda Vision Resource Centre (UVRC), Start your own Investment in Fort Portal City, the Tourism Capital of Uganda

Located in the Tooro Kingdom, the world’s kingdom with the youngest king – King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru, is an area with the most fascinating cultures hence a potential for development. The place has the most loving and hospitable people in the region.

After Fort Portal City was launched as the Tourism Capital of Uganda on 1st July 2020, entrepreneurs, development partners and investors both local and international are coming to this town to explore the best investment potentials in a Tourism centre. 

Owning land for investment in Fort Portal is still fairly affordable. Now is the best time to start an investment for a lifetime in this incredible part of Uganda. Uganda Vision Resource Centre is here to work with you for the best investment in Fort Portal Tourism City. 

Uganda’s tourism increased highly in the 2018/2019 financial year whereby 1,505,669 International tourists were registered and over $1.6 billion was received from international tourists, making the country’s tourism sector the top foreign exchange earner. Of this total number of tourists, over 70% visited Western Uganda, a region that accounts for 75% of Uganda’s Natural Tourism destinations.

Fort Portal Tourism City at the foot of Rwenzori Mountains is currently known to be the cleanest town in Uganda and a gateway to various nature destinations including National Parks such as Kibale, Semuliki, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable, Mgahinga, Mbuuro, Rwenzori and Toro-Semuliki Wildlife reserves. It is famous for the stalagmites and Nyakasura waterfalls linked to the rich Chwezi culture.

Amenities that make Fort Portal special tourism applause
1. All major Roads from Fort Portal to other major towns and tourism sites are tarmacked namely; Fort portal-Kasese, Fort Portal-Ntoroko, Fort Portal-Bundibugyo, Fort Portal-Kampala, Fort Portal-Mbarara and Fort Portal-Kamwenge road making those places easily accessible from Fort Portal

2. Located in the centre; all the major tourism sites are not more than an hour away from Fort Portal at an average of 80KM/hr making it possible for to and fro journeys daily from Fort Portal.

3. Serene, peaceful and tranquil; Fort Portal has not experienced any form of violence and threats in many years making it the most secure place to settle for any tourist in Uganda.

4. The welcoming and hospitable nature of the Batooro people keeps any visitor comfortable giving a home away from home feel to tourists and volunteers from abroad spending days or months among the Tooro communities

5. With Fort Portal’s nature and environment, lots of fun activities can be created in different places in addition to the usual clubbing, bar going, ball games and athletics.

6. Fort Portal is geographically located in the windward side of Rwenzori mountains hence the most favorable weather there is.

7. Fort Portal is also located on a high rise making it a no flood zone despite heavy rains evenly distributed throughout the year making it even safer.

8. Fort Portal is located in Kitara region with a long historic background raising from the time of the Batembuzi Dynasty, Chwezi dynasty to the current Bito Dynasty the rulers of Tooro Kingdom

9. Fort Portal and Tooro as a region has an exciting cultural background hosting over 15 tribes of natives and a vast religious background with over 7 religious denominations hence a rich area for both cultural and religious tourism

Investment Potentials in and around Fort Portal in relation to Tourism
1. Hotel industry (hotels, lodges, guest houses, restaurants, coffee shops, snacks centres, bars and nightclubs)

2. Tour Guidance to various tourism destinations (transport and tour guides)

3. Tourism sites development (Community tourism, religious tours, cultural tours, historical tours, canoeing/boat cruise, craft shops, education tours, nature tours eg. mountain hikes)

4. Development projects such as Agriculture, Education, Health, Women and Youth empowerment, Environment and Nature conservation.

Uganda Vision Resource Centre (UVRC) is here to partner with you or to support you in identifying the best location for your investment in Fort Portal and to work with you in the entire process of investment development. 

UVRC is a registered Company Limited by Guarantee Company Number 80010004336987 under Ugandan laws since 2014.

To partner with UVRC and explore investment and development in and around Fort Portal, contact us by E-mail, contact the Founder at Call us on +256772888149 or whatsapp on +256752888149

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