Kitara Religious and Cultural Center


Who We Are?

We are the people of the Kitara Religious and Cultural Center (KRCC), an Initiative of Kinsmen Foundation of Africa (KFA).

We believe that Religion and Culture are strong pillars in people’s lives and that religion and culture influences people’s values, hopes and world view.  KFA envisions a vibrant religious and cultural sector that is spiritual, professional, creative, and viable which contributes to the spiritual, social and economic development of the people.

Inspired by the key roles that Religion and Culture play in the wellbeing of people and the role it plays in the development of nations all together, KFA therefore commits that;

  • KFA shall implement a Religious and Cultural Center named ‘‘KITARA RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL CENTER’’
  • KITARA RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL CENTER shall be located in Fort Portal City of Western Uganda
  • All operations of KITARA RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL CENTER shall be anchored on the values of Uganda Vision Resource Centre (UVRC) of Stewardship, respect, shared leadership, transparency, accountability, learning and collaboration.
  • Services of KITARA RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL CENTER shall include;
  1. Kitara House of Prayer (Place of warship): This is a Non-denominational house of prayer for all people, irrespective of individual faiths or denominations.
  2. Kitara Religious and Cultural exhibitions: For promotion and education of the good and positive cultures of the people of Kitara region (Banyakitara) through activities such as cultural exhibitions and cultural festivals
  3. Kitara Traditional Health Care Center: For a collection of traditional and herbal medicine accredited and licensed to prescribe and administer the relevant treatment.
  4. Kitara traditional Sauna: As a historical traditional medicine that involves boiling of medicinal herbs that are known for treatment of a variety of illnesses accompanied with medicinal herbal steam.
  5. Kitara Medicinal Plant gardens: For a variety of selected medicinal herbs, trees and grass that will be planted widely in the garden and in the compounds. People will come here to learn about these trees medicinal properties, and they are the mostly used herbal products at the health care center.
  6. Kitara Craft Center: For a great deal of craft making such as household utensils, wood curving, dressings, pottery, black smiths, backcloth, and a variety of musical instruments. Different craft makers are there to tell their story.
  7. Kitara traditional food centre: There is serving and exhibition of various traditional foods and a variety of traditional drinks. A story of how each foods and drinks served in traditional Africa society is told.
  8. Kitara Library and bookshop: For both ancient and current books by Kitara writers which will be exhibited. Most books will be of cultural and religious history and there will be a cultural and religious story teller.
  9. Kitara Cultural and Gospel entertainment: Various cultural troupes will always be present at the center to entertain and tell the Kitara story in form of music. A mix of cultural and religious/gospel entertainments will be made.
  10. Kitara Cultural and Religious Tours: Various cultural and religious sites in the entire Kitara region will be documented. The tour guides shall be able to plan sarticifying tour movements across the region and will attract travelers both local and international
  11. Kitara tribes and clans associations: Different tribes of Kitara and those from outside Kitara, and various clans will form themselves into associations and clubs and will be coordinated here.
  12. Kitara Camp fire: People sit under the ancient tree and around the ancient fire place, under the moon light as the story-teller uses words to weave a tapestry in one’s mind with his or her words, with art and cultural dance and music.  Take bible studies, sing praises, say prayers, adults speak and sing, say idioms, and see the possibilities in life.
  13. Kitara Community Tourism and Charity work: The Communities in Kitara region will be organised into tourism destinations that will host international guests who visit the region with intention of staying with people in their communities. Tourism programs that benefit both the guests and the hosts will be emphasised.
Kitara Religious and Cultural Center
Kitara Religious and Cultural Centre @ Kinsmen Foundation of Africa
Kitara Religious and Cultural Center
Kitara Religious and Cultural Centre @ Kinsmen Foundation of Africa
  1. Compassion:

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

The truest test of our faith is how we show love and compassion to those in need. Jesus always responded to people in their place of need. In fact, Jesus said it was his actions that demonstrated the coming of the Kingdom of God.

KRCC is meant to be involved in several compassionate ministries which seek to demonstrate the reality of the Good News of Jesus in practical ways. For instance there are several impoverishing orphans in Africa. Who will care for them by providing food, shelter, an education, medical and spiritual care? The Bible says this is “our true religion” (James 1:27)

Every night in Africa, hundreds of thousands of children sleep on the streets. Disease, poverty, abuse and social disruption have left countless young people homeless and destitute. These children are the most vulnerable in society, living on its fringes, and frequently suffering from abuse, violence and exploitation.

Our Statement of faith

  • The supreme authority of the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and their complete sufficiency in all matters of faith and practice.
  • The eternal oneness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the triune Godhead.
  • The work of the Holy Spirit to impart and sustain spiritual life.
  • We believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.

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