Tourism and Rural Development

Tourism and Rural Development

Our huge emphasis is on the tourism sector’s huge potentiality of steering the economic development to bridge the gap between the people who come from small communities and big cities / towns. How can we help rural communities to grow into large Tourism destinations in this region?

Just like many rural communities, tourism in Uganda means opportunity. It provides jobs and economic empowerment, including for women and youth. Tourism gives Uganda rural communities the ability to protect and promote their natural surroundings, as well as their culture and heritage. In doing so, it allows domestic visitors and foreign tourists to enjoy unique experiences in Uganda.

At Kitara Foundation for Regional Tourism we emphasize tourism sector’s importance for those communities that would otherwise be left behind.

Our first challenge goes to Fort Portal City, designated “Tourism city of Uganda”. The city located in the Kitara Region – Western Region of the East African country (301.4 km from the capital – Kampala is the seat of both Kabarole District and the Tooro Kingdom

According to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), “Tourism and Rural Development” recognizes tourism as the ultimate cross-cutting sector that contributes to all of the #SDGs. With coordination and solidarity, tourism can accelerate the achievement of #Agenda2030.

Uganda is the Pearl of Africa and Kitara Region has some of the tourism sites and attractions that contribute to Uganda’s glory in terms of tourism and wildlife as the country offers a diversity of what all other destinations in the World have

Uganda is a preferred tourism destination given the beautiful attractions it has and our commitment is to develop tourism in this region to ensure that Kitara region becomes the most preferred destination in the whole world.

 “When you travel from Kampala to Fort Portal you witness vended slopes, extensive miles of tea plantations, and astonishing holy baboons in the national park thus, the world must see this beauty, we want to brand this region as the best tourism destination in Africa and the world and also call upon all Ugandans to marvel around the tourism capital in the beautiful Pearl of Africa.”