Kitara Foundation for Regional Tourism

Our Vision: A Sustainable Competitive Tourism and hospitality Industry in the region.

Our Mission: To Contribute to the transformation of the Tourism and hospitality industry in the region through Networking, marketing, building linkages and community participation in the regional Tourism and hospitality development industry.

Our Goal: The leading Facilitator of Tourism and hospitality development, well equipped for a tourism transforming mission in the region.

The objectives for which the organization is established are: –

  1. To establish a Tourism Coordination Center for improvement of Tourism and Hospitality Industry in the region.
  • To Support district-led tourism platforms for more coordination, partnership, collaboration and sharing knowledge and information.
  • To support documentation of tourism destinations in each district and advocate for their development
  • To support local tourism operators in each district in acquiring permits and other requirements from authorities.
  • To engage with District Local Governments, Uganda Wildlife Authority, National Forest Authority, Uganda Tourism Board and other established mechanisms.
  • To support community awareness activities, sensitization, capacity building and skilling the youth to labor market demanded skills in tourism.
  • To support development of the required labor for the tourism sector in the region by equipping the youth with relevant and demanded skills.
  • To support Improvement of infrastructure such as roads, hotels, museums, electricity, water and security in the region.
  1. To support local tourism private sector in registration with District Community Development Offices and Sub County Community Development Offices.
  • To support Private sector tourism stakeholders in spearheading communication and sensitization of District Local Governments and Sub Counties on the tourism and hospitality sector development in general.
  • To support the regional tourism Coordination Network for the sustainability of the coordination platforms, to streamline the communication and support regional tourism development activities.
  • Support and contribute to the development of a Tourism City in the region; i.e. Developing Fort Portal City to become a centre of Tourism excellency in the region.
  • Support Annual regional tourism stakeholder meetings/conferences, taking place in different districts in the region
  • Hold Tourism Exhibition (KTE) each year which will always be hosted in Fort Portal involving participants from different districts of the region.
  • Support Resource mobilization capacity for the tourism and hospitality industry actors in the region
  • Support Government departments and District Local Governments to share policies related to tourism and conservation with all tourism stakeholders.
  • Support Development of online platforms where all mapped tourism destinations are shared for use to the public.
  • Support coordination of the Pro-active promotion of Public Private Partnerships in regional tourism development and investment.
  • Support environmental conservation and preservation of culture by utilization of indigenous knowledge, planting of indigenous trees and protecting the African good cultures (Keep Africa green and Black campaign).
  • Support diversification of the regional tourist products by specialization through doing market research, benchmarking and trainings in tourism marketing.
  • Support the implementation of the Justice and peace building activities among tourism stakeholders in the region and the tourists in the region
  • Support implementation of a Tourists’ complaints and suggestions desk. Complaints and suggestions will be received from tourists and actors to acknowledge, coordinate and communicate to the respective departments and authorities for consideration and processing with the relevant matters.
  • To promote the social development, advancement and the general wellbeing of the inhabitants of the communities in the operation area.
  • To invest the monies of the organization not immediately required for its day to day operations as may be thought fit.
  • To educate and train members of the community and to sensitize the general public through conducting seminars, workshops, conferences, advertisements, shows and any other mode that may be appropriate and in conformity with the objectives of the organization.
  • To establish, reserve and develop a database and to disseminate and distribute tourism and hospitality information to and for the benefit of the community.
  1. To champion, promote, support and protect the development and welfare of the communities of the region and to ensure harmony and cooperation amongst community members and the tourism industry.
  • To lobby and liaise with government, relevant institutions, civic authorities and organizations with similar objective in the formulation and implementation of policy, and planning of matters connected with Tourism and hospitality services.
  • To support the use and transfer of modern technologies among the members of the tourism sector within the community.
  • To support the adoption of highest level of tourism standards for the community within the framework of national policies.
  • To initiate, conduct and coordinate tourism research programs for the good of the community.
  • To support creation of local forums where the community will exchange ideas and information about the improvement and maintenance of tourism standards in the region
  • To support mutual networking among the members of the community and the tourism sector, offer advice on joint planning, implementation and sharing of information.
  • To support and promote relationships with other related organizations in Uganda and elsewhere in the world for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the organization.
  1. To borrow and raise money in such manner as the organization may deem fit.
  • To buy, sell, manage, lease mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with land or part of the property of the organization.
  • To enter into any arrangement with any government company, Organization, Corporation or person that may seem conducive to the attainment of any of the objectives of the organization.